7-Day Roads of

Wine & Greek Culture Tour

Admire the stunning beauty of the best locations in the Peloponnese!

Visit colorful Nafplion, the Mani peninsula with its tower houses, the Gibraltar fortress of Monemvasia, follow the Wine Route and immerse yourself in the wealth of history, local cuisine and culture of the Peloponnese.

Step back in time by visiting some of the best-preserved monuments of Ancient Greece. This in-depth tour will reveal the best of the Peloponnese with lots of wine, local food and adventure activities!
We invite you to explore the treasures of the Peloponnese in a new, more exciting mytypeoftour style and experience everything you associate with Greece.

This is a relaxing, cultural, gastronomic and wine tour of the Peloponnese. If you prefer an actively entertaining tour with many activities visit our Zante Adventure tour.


• Kickstart your tour, by exploring classical sites of Argolis in the northern Peloponnese.
• Drive along the roads of wine and watch modern Greek wines being made, taste authentic tsipouro and local specialties from all regions.
• Spend two days in the historic city of Nafplio exploring the ancient sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus.
• Attend a cooking class and lunch in Tolo with an award-winning chef (optional).
• Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Mystras, the 800-year-old ruins of a medieval city, or the auxiliary temple of Apollo at the Temple of Epikourios.
• Deepen your knowledge of Greek & Mediterranean Culture in the Museum of the Olive.
• Travel back in time visiting Monemvasia a natural fortress settlement of the 6th century.
• Drive among several of the most beautiful routes of Mani peninsula stopping as some of the distinct villages like Vathia and charming Limeni, as well as visit the caves of Diros.
• Spend time in one of the most extensive & well-preserved ruin of Greece the Ancient Messene.
• Discover Game of Thrones-worthy Methoni Castle and stunning sea views from its battlements.
• Plunge into the crystal clear waters of Voidokilia beach, a unique beach in the shape of the Greek letter Omega.
• Explore Ancient Olympia the places where Olympic Games of antiquity held, were athletes originally trained and taught.


1st Day Athens-Ancient Korinth–Nemea-Nafplio

Classical sites of Corinthia & Argolis

Your personal driver, assistant and your mytypeoftour guide will be at your hotel or airport to meet you and start the tour.
Our first day focuses on the classical sites of Argolis in the northern Peloponnese.

  • We travel to the Peloponnese for our first main stop to explore the beautifully preserved remains of Ancient Corinth.
  • We take the road of wine that takes us through endless hectares of grape wines of Argolis.
  • Visit a winery known for its quality and history. Taste Agiorgitiko with its rich aroma and deep red color, cultivated in the Nemea region for over 3000 years.
  • Lunch in a local restaurant with traditional cuisine and beautiful view.
  • Drive to Nafplio where we will stay for two nights.
  • Free time to explore the shops and cultural attractions of Nafplio.
  • A highly recommended walk to Palamidi Castle and sunset at an altitude of 300 meters above the city with panoramic view.

Average driving time is 3 hours

Semeli Estate view of the vines
Nafplion & Fort Palamidi

2nd Day Mycenae-Epidaurus-Nafplion

The historical city of Nafplio and the exploration of the ancient sites of Mycenae and Epidaurus.

Wake up to the colorful architectural town of Nafplio overlooking the sea.

  • Today we will dedicate our day to the excavation of Mycenae and Epidaurus. Pass through the 20-foot-wide city walls, enter the Lion’s Gate to Agamemnon’s throne room, and explore the very buildings of his palace.
  • Mycenaean Centre: A shop with replicas of Ancient Greek marble-like statues, pottery, iron-like items, painted in old style.
  • Next stop is at the UNESCO-listed Sanctuary of Asklepios, the first healing center of the Ancient World. You will also see the impressive Great Theatre of Epidaurus. The temple and theatre date from the 4th century and feature masterpieces of classical Greek architecture.

Plan A
Private cooking class with stunning view & Lunch in Tolo. Each menu is unique and designed especially for you, taking into consideration all your requirements. (Paid additionally)
Plan B
• Visit the Domain Skouras Winery for a wine tasting.

Rest at your hotel or Swim in the sea. Free time for yourself to explore the beautiful medieval & historical port city of Nafplio by the sea with views of the Venetian castle of Bourtzi in the bay.

Private cooking class with stunning view
Great Theatre of Epidaurus

3rd Day Mystras-Monemvasia

Journey to Lakonia-the Medieval Peloponnese

  • Guided historical walking tour along the walls of Mystras, the 800-year-old ruins of the Medieval city & UNESCO site. Once the seat of Byzantine power in the region the city was abandoned rather than being destroyed and consequently its palaces, residences, mansions, churches, monasteries, water & drainage works, commercial workshops, extensive streets & fortifications all remain to explore.
  • Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil From fossilized olive leaves to oil presses from Santorini, if you want to deepen your knowledge of this important aspect of Greek & Mediterranean Culture the Museum of the Olive is the place for an immersive experience. (Paid additionally)

Drive to Monemvasia.

  • Lunch with a view in a wonderful place surrounded by flowers and greenery.
  • We hope you’re thirsty! Visit to a Malvasia Winery.

Check-in at your hotel near Monemvasia or in the fortress itself and free time to explore the surrounding area.

Average driving time is 3 hours.

The Byzantine castle town of Mystras
The scenic view of Movemvasia

4th Day Gytheio-Mani Peninsula

Exploration of the Mani Peninsula and its mythical nature

Cameras at the ready! You’ll wake up in one of the most spectacular places in Peloponnese.

  • Game of Thrones fan alert! Monemvasia sits on a plateau 100 meters above sea level you will find a remarkable walled city, constructed and added to by the Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans until early 19th century. We can now traverse the long narrow causeway onto the rock & up to the imposing walled entrance where we must continue on foot into the old and well-preserved city.
  • Drive to Mani Peninsula.
  • We’ll grab a photo stop at the iconic Dimitrios Shipwreck before passing through historic city of Gytheio.
  • Mani Peninsula is famous for its tower houses built to protect the local population from piracy during medieval life up to the 19th century. Our tour chooses several of the most beautiful routes of the peninsula stopping distinct villages like Vathia and charming Limeni, as well as visit to the caves of Diros.

A flexible afternoon offers these options:

  • Mini excursion to the Southest part of Mani-the tower village of Vatheia.
  • Caves of Diros: At this extensive system of caves, 1500 meters deep, you will descend to the underground shores of the lake, where special guides navigate you in a kayak to the main chambers until finally emerging close to the sea. (Paid additionally)

Accommodation is at a tower hotel. Enjoy delicious food, a romantic summer setting and a wealth of history.

Charming view of little Limeni
Picturesque view of the Dimitrios Shipwreck

5th Day Kalamata–Ancient Messene–Pylos–Methoni

Taste olive oil and wine of Messinia

Admire the epic vistas of Limeni in the morning and swim in the crystal blue sea before taking scenic drive on the coastal road heading North towards Kalamata.

Drive to Kalamata
Ancient Messene was founded in 371 BC. An extensive city, the Archaeological site is still under excavation but contains a well-preserved theatre, marketplace, Sanctuary of Asclepius, and large stadium.

Oil Tasting in Olive Routes of Messinia.
• Private olive groves on the slopes of the sacred mountain Itomi will reveal to you the secrets of the best olive oil production in Greece. Here you will taste olive oil, light lunch variety of locally produced appetizers and cheeses as well as special glass of wine. (Paid additionally)

On your way to Pylos your guide will offer you these options:
Polilimnio waterfalls – At the bottom of the gorge, surrounded by rocks, there are small picturesque lakes with waterfalls. Polilimnio translates as “many lakes”.
Methoni Castle is an extensive & well-preserved ruin that is Game of Thrones worthy along with stunning sea views from its battlements & promontories.

This evening’s accommodation is around Pylos town or Kyparissia.

Average driving time is 3 hours.

Olive oil tasting tour
Methoni Castle

6th Day Voidokilia-Nestor Palace-Kyparissia

Exploring the west coast of Messinia

Today is yours to design. Flexible activities abound in Navarino Bay; one of the most beautiful regions of the Peloponnese.

Your guide can organise one of the following activities:
Sea kayaking around rugged coastline, exploring caves, cliffs and deserted beaches of Ormos Navarinou. (Paid additionally)
Voidokilia Beach is a unique beach in the shape of the Greek letter omega. 20 minutes hike and Panoramic 360° vistas await you at old Navarino Castle & Nestor’s Cave.
Palace of Nestor set in a beautifully excavated building with displays providing a good reconstruction of the original two-story Mycenaean palace constructed over 3000 years ago & mentioned in Homer’s Iliad.
• Traditional Lunch & Papagiotopoulos Wines

Learn how modern Messinian wine is created, will go through the whole process of its creation, where it is processed, where it is kept until the very final stage where the wine is poured into the bottle. Along with this, you will taste the real tsipouro and snacks produced by the locals.

Your stay in Kyparissia is a great opportunity to sample live Greek music.

Evening rest at your hotel & free time for yourself.

Average driving time is 1:30 hour.

Voidokilia Beach
Kayaking on Navarino Bay

7th Day Epikourios Temple - Ancient Olympia - Athens

Hidden treasures of ancient world

Before we wave goodbye, there’s still time to take in some of Peloponnese highlights!

Our morning is dedicated to Epikourios Temple & Ancient Olympia, both magical locations in Greece.
• We are visiting another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Auxiliary Temple of Apollo. One of the most important and imposing of antiquity.
• After transfer to Olympia, you will meet our local licensed guide who will take you through all the history as high points along with the stories & mythology of the pieces in the museum. Famous for its Olympic Games of antiquity you will see the places where the original athletes trained, taught, and go through the tunnel to emerge in the stadium in which they competed.
• Not to be missed is the local museum housing many of the masterpieces uncovered from the Archaeological site from the very drinking cup of Phidaus to the sculptures that adorned the Pediment of the Temple of Zeus.
• Lunch at a traditional tavern near Erymanthos river with beautiful view.

Back to Athens
You’ll disembark your tour vehicle back at your Hotel in Athens between 5-6pm. Farewell hugs all round for your new friends!

Average driving time is 5 hours.

The Temple of Epikourios Apollo
Ancient Olympia


What to expect

The whole vacation you will travel in a cozy minivan. Inside, the air conditioner will cool the hot summer atmosphere, there will be always cool water and a small refrigerator at your disposal, comfortable seating, great views and your music.
Our experienced guide will become your driver, translator and someone you can rely on in any endeavor - your friend! Your new friend, who will be with you throughout your holiday, will be happy to show you unique places, introducing you from the inside to local entertainment, traditions and specialties.
Accommodations in 4* boutique hotels and locally-owned guesthouses. Double room accommodation. Comfortable rooms with private balcony. A rich breakfast is included in the price.
You can get acquainted with the hotels and apartments by clicking below.
• Breakfast - rich breakfast buffet style coffee, fresh juices, fresh baked goods, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, eggs and much more..
1 meal a day consisting of healthy Greek cuisine.
• Lunch or Dinner - 3 courses offered at one of the finest local traditional restaurants. You can choose from a variety of appetizers, salad, main course (fresh fish - meat), dessert and soft drink. We offer a treat of local wine.


What to expect

Archeological Sights & Museums
Step into the past by exploring Ancient Greek ruins and their history. Visit 7 most important sights of the ancient Peloponnese while learning about the mythology, culture and secrets of the ancient world.
Learn More
Visit 4 castles built in the 12th-13th-16th centuries, learning about their histories, conquerors and mysterious stories as you walk through their remains and imagine what it was like to live in the Middle Ages.
Learn More
There are many decent wines in the Peloponnese, so we have selected the highest quality local wineries from every region we visit, distinguished by their history and identity.
Learn More

Experience Price

The whole program of your vacation

 Airport pick-up (Athens)

 6 Nights accommodations in 4* Hotels and locally-owned guesthouses

 13 Meals (6 delicious breakfasts and 7 lunches in traditional taverns)

 7 Full days of transportations in a luxury minivan

 Services of our experienced tour guide for the whole tour

 Entrance fees per itinerary (7 archaeological sites and museums, 4 castles, 4 wineries of the Peloponnese)

 Taxes & fuel surcharges

* A licensed guide to places is paid additionally.

Double room accommodation, per person:

From 1485€/person

(All relevant taxes Included)
Group of 4 to 8



  • Cooking class with stunning view in Tolo – 120€/person
  • Museum Greek Olive Oil – 8€/Person
  • Entry fee to caves of Diros – 15€/Person
  • Oil Tasting in Olive Routes of Messinia with wine and light lunch – 50€/Person
  • Sea kayaking around rugged coastline of Ormos Navarinou – 65€/Person

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*Experience price displayed is the discounted price for April, May, September and October. 1485 Euro per person, if the tour exceeds 4 or more persons.

Your accommodation is in 4* hotels and private guest houses. If you are interested to upgrade, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

All tours are charged in EURO. Supplements apply to double Room Occupancy.

A 200€ deposit is all we need to secure your tour. All our departure dates are guaranteed.

Archeological Sights & Museums

• Ancient Corinth: One of Greece’s most powerful and influential city-states of Antiquity. You will have time to stroll through the streets, temples, markets, and fountains in the footsteps of the Classical Greeks, Ancient Romans & St. Paul

• Ancient Mycenae: One of the most important sites in the development of Ancient Greece. Home to the citadel of the legendary Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks during the Trojan War. The ‘Mycenaean period,’ from 1600 to 1100 BC, references this ancient city, indicating its importance in Greek civilization.

• Ancient Epidaurus: Probably the most beautiful and best preserved of its kind, the theater of Epidaurus was built in the 4th century BC by Polykleitos the Younger. Due to its excellent acoustics and condition, the ancient theater is still used today, most notably under the framework of the annual Epidaurus Festival.

• Ancient Messene: It is the most important Greek archeological site. The remains of this tremendous ancient city are complete with a grand ancient stadium, an Ancient Agora, an ancient theatre. Messene re-founded by Epaminondas in 369 BC.

• Palace of Nestor:  Is the best preserved Mycenaean palace discovered. The palaces was built in the 13th century B.C. by King Nestor (son of Neleus) who took part in the Trojan War. The palace was a two-storey building with store rooms, workshops, baths, light wells, reception rooms and a sewage.

• Temple of Epikourios Apollo: One of the most important and most imposing temples of antiquity. The building is dated to 420-400 BC.It is unique in the history of ancient Greek architecture because it combines a variety of novel ideas.

• Ancient Olympia: Olympia was the birthplace of the most famous and important sporting event in the ancient world. The Olympic Games took place here every four years from 776 BC to 393 AD. The site was also a place of worship dedicated to the Greek god Zeus from about the 10th century BC


• Fort of Palamidi: The fortress of Palamidi is a true architectural masterpiece one of the greatest achievements of Venetian fortification architecture. This fort was built during the Venetian occupation in the early 19th century.

• Bourtzi or Castle of Methoni: is a medieval fortification in the port town & occupies the whole area of the cape and the southwestern coast to the small islet with an octagonal tower that has been used in various instances as a prison.

• Mystras: We visit the 800-year-old ruins of the Medieval city & UNESCO site. Once the seat of Byzantine power in the region the city was abandoned rather than being destroyed and consequently its palaces, residences, mansions, churches, monasteries, water & drainage works, commercial workshops, extensive streets & fortifications all remain to explore.

• Monemvasia: This Gibraltar-like rock was an ideal inaccessible natural fortress for settlement in the 6th century by the local inhabitants seeking protection from Slavic invaders in the 6th century. You will find a remarkable walled city, constructed and added to by the Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans


• Semeli Estate: The variety «Agiorgitiko» with the rich aromas and deep red color, has being cultivated in the region of Nemea for more than 3000 years spreading the fame of the greek quality wine all over the world.

• Domain Skouras or Papantonis winery: Papantonis Winery is located in Argos, perhaps the oldest, continuously inhabited city of Greece. Insisting on quality rather than quantity, the company stays true to the reasons that led its founders to professional winemaking.

• Monemvasia Winery: birthplace of the mythical wine of the “fine wine” Malvasia which was produced in its wider area and from which it took its name Malvasia. Malvasia wine from the 12th century and for five centuries dominated the foreign markets of East and West and gained such a reputation as no wine in the world!

• Panagiotopoulos Wines: The first grapevines, Cabernet Sauvignon, were planted in 1982. This variety had already been growing in the area with success, but not to its full potential, according to Dimitris. After studying the dynamics of the estate’s soil, he decided to grow three more international varieties: Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah, known for producing high quality wines.